MyFreelance Features

Features Include :

General Features

Uses Mysql database system making it faster than the text file based scripts you see around

Uses a language file which allows you to decide which language you want the script to use and/or change the text used. - Currently we have English, French and German language files. (administration is still in english at this point)

All dates and times are shown to members in their local time (based on their own computer settings)

Needs just a few system requirements (see Requirements below)

3 step installation

  • 1 - upload the files
  • 2 - set file permissions and
  • 3 - browse to the Administration Area and set up your site

Email Addresses must be confirmed during registration and are kept confidential and only issued to those parties involved in completing the project. (once freelancer has accepted the project)

Buyers can opt to be notified when a freelancer places a bid on their project

Freelancers can opt to be notified when buyers post a project in one of their 'skill' categories and/or if another freelancer bids lower than them on a project

Using SSI calls or Javascript your other html pages can use the same header and footer html as set in MyFreelance

Message Board for each project on which Private and Public messages can be left.

Members send messages to other members via the web, keeping all email addresses confidential

Buyers can cancel/edit/extend their project

Buyers can INVITE specific freelancers to bid on their projects

Buyers can list their projects as Featured - Making their project stand out against the others

A Members account automatically gets suspended if their balance is below 0 for set period of time

Multiple options available for member deposits and withdrawels including Paypal, Moneybookers

All transactions are kept for your records

Members can download lists of Financial transactions, projects they have listed and bids they have placed as CSV files which can be opened into a spreadsheet ect.

Members can check the 'Remember me' box when logging in so they don't need to log in every time they return to the site

Members can only sign up once from within a single browser (unless they clear their cookie manually)

Members can opt to upgrade their account to a 'master account' (becoming both a buyer and a freelancer), removing the need for two accounts. (You can set a fee for this)

Members can transfer money from their account to the account of another member. This is how a buyer would pay a freelancer for a completed project.

Members can use the built in escrow system as a payment method.

Various information can be displayed on other web pages/sites using javascript or SSI, such as number of members/projects, top freelancers/buyers etc

Affiliate Manager allows members to view referrals, the referring url and commissions they have received for a particular month.

Affiliates can grab list of projects for use on their own site using javascript.

Developers can grab text based file of projects for their own use

Project pages can be stored as HTML files to reduce system resources or created dynamically to reduce storage space

Uses CronJob to do updates such as closing expired projects, suspending members etc

if you do not have Cron facilities then updates are done hourly via the script. (if the script is not visited for more than an hour then updates are done the next time it is)

If a new version of MyFreelance is available, a message is shown to the administrator.

If a new version is available the Administrator (or their reseller) is emailed the latest version.

Addon Script ready, allowing you to install any of the Addon Scripts listed below quickly and easily from within your Administration Area.


Administration Area Features

Decide the names of the 'buyers' and 'freelancers', examples include 'Project Owner' and 'Service Provider' or even just 'Buyer' and 'Freelancer'

Create and Edit HTML and Email templates

Create Unlimited Skill Categories

Set bids to be private (only project owner can then see bids on their project)

Ban email addresses, usernames AND file extensions (for file uploads)

Ban certain text from being used in project detials and bids etc.

Admin can delete individual bids and/or projects

View Deposit, Withdrawel details and a Profit Report

Search for members and projects

Set whether or not members should supply address and phone numbers, and if so who they are given to?

Set color scheme

Delete, Suspend, give Gold Status to members

Issue Refunds, add/remove funds to user accounts

Backup and Restore data

Email a single member, all buyers, all freelancers or all members

Set your fee's charged per project

Set discounts offered to 'Gold Members'

Set Affiliate Commission percentages

Set the max character length of bid and feedback comments

Include projects from other freelancer sites that you may be affiliated with (only includes projects in simular categories as you have), showing either newest or oldest projects on those sites

Set Payment methods accepted for deposits and withdrawels, included are Paypal, Moneybookers, bank wire, mail or other method. (Paypal and Moneybookers deposits are processed automatically)

Register and configure Addon Scripts