MyFreelance - Remote Cron

Every hour MyFreelance must run updates such as freezing expired projects etc. This is done once an hour but means that one user will experience a slight delay in script loading times just once an hour.

To eliminate this small delay MyFreelance comes with a script called cron.cgi which updates your Freelance website (running MyFreelance) behind the scenes and is executed by setting up an hourly crontab ie :

    0 * * * * /full/path/to/cron.cgi

which will call cron.cgi once an hour.

We know that many site owners do not have facilities for running crontabs on their server so for those people we are able to offer the Remote Cron for a nominal $2 USD/month. We will set up a cron to run on our server once an hour which will execute the cron.cgi on your server.

To apply for the Remote Cron service click on the subscribe now button below and complete the subscription payment form you are presented with on the Paypal website. In the Notes Section please enter the registration details that you have used to register your copy of MyFreelance.