Price Reduction

To fall in line with our new pricing policy to release all of our perl scripts for less than $15 we have now dramatically reduced the price of the MyFreelancer script from $99.99 to just $9.99 that's a massive reduction of 90% .


The MyFreelance script allows buyers (ie Project Managers) to list projects they need completed, and freelancers (ie Service Providers) to bid on the projects. The buyer then picks the freelancer they want to complete the project and the work begins. You take commission based on the winning freelancers bid amount.

We beleive that we have taken features from the best of the rest to create MyFreelance, using a MySQL database rather than text file systems that many use.

You can see this script working at

Current Version 1.8

If you purchase MyFreelance from a reseller ensure that you have the purchased the current version, if they are a legitimate reseller then they will have it. If anyone offers you an earlier version please Report it to Us.

We are also introducing Addon Scripts which you can purchase to enhance your Freelance web site.

Click here for full list of features


  • *nix web server - this has been tested on Redhat and should work on any *nix server.
  • MySQL Server 3.23 or above (Email Us if you need a us to host your database)
  • perl 5.8, CGI, DBI and LWP perl modules
  • Basic understanding of installing perl scripts
  • ** Cron access to run cron.cgi for hourly updates.

** Once an hour MyFreelance does updates such as freezing projects etc, this may slow the speed at which the script loads for one user once each hour. To eliminate this speed reduction for that one user we have included cron.cgi which can be called as a cronjob. If you don't have access to run cronjobs we are offering MyFreelance users a Remote Cron service.

Version Changes

  • Version 1.6 - Script now uses a language file. Setting 'Upgrade' fee to 0 automatically gives new members buyer and freelancer status, Showtop.cgi was showing 'top users' in the wrong order - now fixed, Affiliate Center now shows the referring url that referred members accessed the site from.
  • Version 1.5 - Added Moneybookers payments. Deposits are automatically processed. Added Admin option to decide if users address and phone numbers should be suplied when user register. Added 'Regenerate project pages' option to admin routine. Days left variable on projects pages is now dynamic when pages are hard coded so it is always correct.
  • Version 1.4 - Added automatic emailing of upgrades, Upgraded Version Detection, Added facility to detect 'addons' with little work
  • Version 1.2 - Fixed finding 'getcsv.gif', Few cosmetic changes
  • Version 1.0 - First release of MyFreelance


Buy MyFreelance Full License

Payment is made via Paypal, click on the 'Buy Now' button for the currency you wish to pay in and you will be taken to the Paypal website to make your payment. As soon as your payment has been completed your script will be emailed to you at the email address you used to pay with. You will receive unlimited updates automatically via email

You are licensed to install MyFreelance on as many sites as you wish as long as these sites are owned by yourself.